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News – Website’s update: Chosen for you!
News – Website’s update: Chosen for you!

News – Website’s update: Chosen for you!

Surfing the mare magnum (vast sea) of the Internet, searching for information and updates on the same topics we are dealing with on our website, we came across an immense videographic heritage, with video-interviews often of little value and/or low quality but sometimes, on the contrary, we have been really surprised by their undoubted interest for both the contribution they provide and, although not always, their excellent technical features.

La Flora (fresco from  Villa Arianna, Stabia - I Century A.D.)Then, we wondered how to better provide all of you, who are more or less regular visitors of our web-pages, with a useful service in this framework too. As you well know, our effort is to bring to your attention first-hand stories and videographic productions, directly documented by us, and for the seriousness of such stories’ protagonists we feel we can personally guarantee. All this documentation could surely contribute to our project, so should we neglect it, abandoning all that is valuable on the Internet but has been documented by others? Well, what is our response?

“Chosen for you”! What is it? We decided to create, for each of our thematic sections, a specific sub-section, distinct from the rest and in which we can present the most significant video-interviews produced by others and by them already published on the Internet. Obviously, we will provide all the necessary references for these videos, including subtitles (either English or Italian subtitles) and comments of ours, which may help you better use such a material.

Where shall we begin? Well, we will start from Near Death Experiences (NDE)

Follow us carefully because we will soon publish our first videos of “Chosen for you”!

See you soon!

E.A. – V.G.



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