Communicating before the Internet

What follows is the first story told by Mrs. Maria Cristina Venanzoni.

In this video-interview, Maria Cristina will tell us about an “unusual” dream she had. It was a “vivid” dream, with strange details. She dreamed of the mother of a dear friend she had lost contacts with for some time. She only new this lady was fighting against cancer. In such a dream, the lady was in good health and started telling her about all the concerns she had. As she had really been moved by the dream, as soon as possible Maria Cristina phoned her friend and this is how she came to know that…

Well, to know how the story ends you can watch our video “Communicating before the Internet”.

Enjoy it!

E.A. – V.G.


Video recording:
– Canon EOS 5D Mark II, with Canon24-105 mm zoom
– Canon EOS 5D Mark II, with Contax Zeiss Planar 85 mm lens
– Canon EOS 650D, with Canon 17-55 mm zoom

Audio recording: Tascam DR-100 MKII
Location: Italy, Rome
Shot on July 9, 2016

Music from Epidemicsound

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