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News – Website’s update: “Santa ‘Ddora Cacate and popular magic in Mentana”

First of all, we would like to apologize for the delay in publishing this our new contribution, but your patience will be appropriately rewarded!…

Well, what are we going to present this time?

We will provide you with a new video-interview and are pretty sure you will find all this very interesting: “Santa ‘Ddora Cacate and popular magic in Mentana” (for a direct access to the new page, click HERE). It will be not only the story of an unusual dream, but also a wide-range survey on popular magic, that is indeed found not so far from the places where we use to live. Furthermore, for this video-interview we have decided to use an editing technique that will offer you scenes with increasing rhythms, able to intrigue you even more than usual…

Mrs. Valentina RaffaelliThis will also be the first video-interview of Mrs. Valentina Raffaelli we will publish since she passed away (last November), after a quite short period of illness. After a long life (she was almost 93) and fruitful years (2 children, 3 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren), Valentina returned to that Heavenly Home she has always been looking at with great hope and perseverance till the end, especially during all the numerous challenges she had to go through in her life. We like to remember her just like she will show herself in this video-interview, that is strong and proud in her convictions, but – under an apparent rough behavior – also rich in longanimity towards others, family members or otherwise. Which memory, more than any other, will we have of her, something that indeed emerges from all her video-interviews – already published or not yet – regarding all those “anomalous events” she went through during her life? We would like to remember her for her immense curiosity for the unusual, miraculous, supernatural facts, of which she was never satisfied enough, and that has definitely contributed to our today interest for research in this borderline area, which, unfortunately, continues to be considered “terra incognita”. Now, dear Valentina, you can fully enjoy the overwhelming “spiritual dimension” that during your life, despite the undoubted abundance of unusual events that have happened to you, you could just have a glimpse of thanks to those cracks which, every now and then, open on the veil that separates our dimension of existence from that awaiting all of us.

Dear mom and grandma, thank you so much for all!…

E.A. – V.G.

News – Website’s update

As mentioned in our previous article, here we are with a new update!

This time, however, it is not just about the publication of a new video-interview, but it also refers to the update of an entire section of the website’s Menu. But let us proceed in an orderly fashion!…

Menu’s update

We have made ​​changes to the Menu section “Precognition dreams” (Menu’s fourth item from the left). First of all, we renamed it as “Windows unto the Future” (previous contents have been maintained). Then, we added other two new sub-sections.

New video-interview

Following the path “Windows unto the Future” > “‘Revealing’ deceased” > “I’ll give you a great gift”, you will find the new interview with Mrs. Valentina Raffaelli. Visit the page and you’ll be able to watch this new and interesting story of our protagonist. It all started with a “strange” dream, in which a friend of hers, who died shortly before, came back to bring her a message…

Go now to visit our new pages with their contents, and enjoy the video of Mrs. Valentina. Then, if you like, post your comments!

See you soon!

E.A. – V.G.


News – Website’s update

We just released a new update within the section “Precognition dreams”!

Visit the page “I can’t believe it!” and you’ll be able to watch the video-interview we made to Mrs. Valentina Raffaelli. She will narrate the first of a long series of experiences “out of the ordinary” which she went through during her youth.

Watch the video and then post your comment!

Awaiting our next update, enjoy this video-interview!

E.A. – V.G.