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Inspector Bibula and the metropolitan mystery

Inspector Bibula and the metropolitan mystery




Inspector Paolo Bibula works in the police station in Via Castruccio Castracane in Rome and on the plate, affixed to the door of his office, the words “Section impossible cases” are displayed. Despite his extravagances, almost all in the police station appreciate him, and even worship him during his prolonged absences.

Starting from a charge against persons unknown, formalized in his own police station, Paolo will be catapulted into a world he didn’t really know until then, that is the world of the arcane, made of branched new age witchcraft, bloody esoteric sects, unusual phenomena (spectra, diabolical possessions), driven by a preternatural force to solve the case of apparent suicide of Bellezza Orsini, dating back to about five centuries earlier. He will also discover a totem animal to protect himself, endowed with extraordinary capacities, which will intervene, beyond his own will, in the most critical moments.

In this new path, fortunately Paolo will find the help of unexpected travel companions:

  • Dr. Marianna Moraci, an ethnobotanist who is dedicated to the study of psychotropic plants and animal derivatives related to witchcraft and voodoo;
  • Isabella, the 9-year-old daughter of Marianna, who, after having ingested psychotropic mushrooms for fun, lives an extraordinary temporal fracture experience;
  • the agent Umberto Pisciotta, his faithful assistant, who, on his side, has an unusual wit, combined with a past that is practically unknown to most;
  • Father Riccardo, a Franciscan friar, an expert on border phenomena and himself endowed with strange abilities, who, taking advantage of the encounters with esoteric lovers, speaks to them about the power of “One returned alive from beyond the grave”.

Other interesting characters will take part in the story, bringing, each one of them, his/her own peculiar and, at times, disturbing contribution.


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