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Seeing others’ Souls

Seeing others’ Souls

Even though it might seem strange, in some occasions when one looks at someone’s face, instead of his/her usual features one might see the “lineaments” of his/her Soul

This unusual phenomenon has happened, more than once, to Father Emidio Alessandrini, a Franciscan friar, during his long religious experience. In the following video you will hear, directly from him, the story of some of these “anomalous” events, some of which date back to a few decades ago.

These experiences have profoundly struck Father Emidio, some of them for the terrible vision that he saw, others for the indescribable feeling of sublimity that has convinced him that, somehow, Heaven had already been touched.

Enjoy our video-interview and please don’t forget to post your comments that might even consist in the recount of some stories similar to this, if you have any.

See you soon!

E.A. – V.G.


Video recording:
– Canon EOS 5D Mark II, with Elmarit –R 90 mm lens
– Canon EOS 5D Mark II, with Distagon 35 mm lens
– Canon EOS 650D, with Planar 85 mm lens
Audio recording: Tascam DR-100 MKII
Location: Italy, Fonte Nuova (Rome)
Shot on July 20, 2014
Music: “Drama Suspension Trailer 8 T60” and “Meditations 3” by Magnus Ringblom; “Made of Steel” by Andreas Ericson; “Silent Castle 5” by Niklas Gustavsson; “The Tunnel”, “Distant Meadows” and “Hollywood Trailer 10” by Rannar Sillard; “Choral Reef” by Anders Ekengren; “Epic Trailer 04” by Johannes Bornlöf (Epidemicsound)


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