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The narrative production

The narrative production

From the Autumn of 2019 to the Spring of 2021, my nephew Valerio and I have published the trilogy of Inspector Bibula:

  • Inspector Bibula and the metropolitan mystery (October 2019)
  • Inspector Bibula 2 – An abyss under the asphalt (May 2020)
  • Inspector Bibula 3 – Among the mists of time (May 2021)

We have chosen the fantasy-noir narrative genre to convey a message of paramount importance: albeit between the ups and downs that are typical of the human sphere, a true friendship between people whom the world would define as «common» but who, in the development of their faith in the Risen One, are led by a true Jedi priest and find their own peculiar «exceptionality», defeating evil in all its most devious forms.

In this section, in addition to an overview and a back-stage of the Bibula trilogy, I will also present to you my other works:

  • my doctoral thesis «’Believing everything… believing nothing’. The Notae de miraculis: unpublished work by Cardinal Prospero Lambertini (Benedict XIV), on extraordinary and magical-superstitious phenomena», dating back to 1995;
  • my impossible interview to Marco Margnelli, «Unlikely dialogue with Marco Margnelli – The modified states of consciousness»,

and all will be enriched by photographs and video-interviews that my nephew made to me and to others.

P. Emidio Alessandrini ofm

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