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border issues
border issues

News – Website’s update: Our trilogy is finally complete with the publication of our new novel “Inspector Bibula 3: Among the mists of time”

Within the section “Narrative and Cinematography”, we have just created a new page, dedicated to our third fantasy-paranormal novel “Inspector Bibula 3: Among the mists of time”. Inside, you will find the first chapter of the novel to read and also the …

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News – Website’s update: Our short film “Ineffugibilis” (Unavoidable)

A group of kids (all cousins) are playing in the backyard of the summer house in Jordan. Suddenly, they realize that they are completely alone, none of the adults, in fact, is more with them at home, despite the fact that their cars are all in the parking lot. The phones don’t even work and there is no way to contact the outside. Strange events begin to happen at home, and some of the kids disappear into thin air…

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