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The sowing

The sowing

I always had creativity and I put it all at the service of the Church for the proclamation of One who returned from death! Thanks to the close collaboration with various friars and nuns, the preaching of the Kerygma, over the years, has taken place in many towns and villages of Italy, sometimes under the name of «popular missions»

Some people are convinced that the faith is needed to believe in the resurrection and that the faith is a gift. On the contrary, I have experienced that the faith – this word comes from «rock» – means seeing, hearing and touching One who, after an atrocious death, is returned to life, so this is what generates faith, hard rock!

Open both your eyes and your ears because now I will give you a new opportunity to discover God’s fantasy through my proclamations in the past, which today, however, mysteriously return to be true and valid for each of you…

Fr. Emidio Alessandrini ofm

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