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Information on cookies

Information on cookies

1. What are cookies and similar technologies?
A cookie is a small text file that is installed on your computer, on your smartphone or other devices when you visit a website. The cookie helps the websites to recognize the devices in their subsequent visits. There are other similar technologies, such as – for instance – pixel tags, web bugs, web storage, that have the same function of cookies. This document uses the term “cookie” to describe any technology that gathers information in this way.

2. How we use cookies
We use cookies for the purposes detailed in the table below. We also enable our business partners to use cookies on  (third party cookies), for the purposes specified below.

a) Operation needed
Cookies are required to allow us to operate the service requested by users.

b) Performance / Analysis
Cookies are used to analyze the access, use and operation of the service. We use this information to maintain, manage and continuously improve our website.

c) Functionality
Cookies allow us to manage some features of the Service, in line with the choices done by users. When the user continues to use or reconnects to the service, we can provide our services as we have been asked, for example proposing your user name, as you have customized our services and proposing the last page read.

d) Targeting / Advertising
We use cookies to provide advertisements in line with the choices and interests. The information thus collected are also used to keep into account the frequency index and to help us adjust the received announcements, as well as the measure of their effectiveness.

e) Social network
Cookies are used for enabling the users to interact with their social networks, for example by sharing contents.

f) Third-parties contents
Third-parties cookies are needed for providing contents / functionalities of third parties.

g) Ads
We work with ad networks and other service providers for ads on other web sites. Cookies can be used to display advertisements that may be of interest to users, to regulate the number of views, and to measure their effectiveness.

3. Consent to the use of cookies
In order to allow us to use cookies as described in point 2, d-e-f-g, the user has to accept it. At his/her first access to our website, user agrees to the use of all the cookies by clicking on any part of the page, by scrolling the page, by clicking on “Accept” or by closing the brief statement.

4. Managing preferences
Popular browsers allow you to manage your preferences for cookies. You can set your browser to refuse cookies or to delete a few. Similarly when you disable the use of cookies, you can disable other similar technologies. The following links show how you can set your browser preferences on the most-commonly-used browsers:

Please remember that if you choose to stop receiving all cookies, this may compromise or impede the smooth operation of the Service.

5. Other information
For further information on the use of cookies and how to block them, you can visit the sites, . We use profiling and retargeting cookies only of third-parties, and we don’t access to disaggregated data on user preferences. For any questions or comments on the use of cookies, please email us by using the following form . The processing of data referred to this disclosure is performed as Holders of

Having scrolled down this page, you have accepted our cookie policy.


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