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News – Website’s update: “Forebodings”

After some time, finally here we are with a new interesting publication!

"Lake and village of Bracciano (Rome)”We will present you the story of Mrs. Franca Pettinari, who has been interviewed in 2013 by Father Emidio Alessandrini. This new video-interview has been entitled “Forebodings” (for a direct access, click here). Franca  will tell us what happened to her just before and after the First Communion of her second-born child, Massimo. First she started having a very bad foreboding, then she had a “vivid” dream of her grandma Ottavia, who had passed away some years before… Well, what happened? We don’t want to anticipate anything more…

Don’t miss our video and you will find out all the details of this intriguing story.

Enjoy it!

E.A. – V.G.

News – Website’s update: “Run away right now…”

Here we are with a new publication!

We will present you a new and intriguing story of Mrs. Concettina Iezzi – you have already seen her in “The invisible hand” -, and Father Emidio Alessandrini has interviewed her.

"The incoming voice" (Canon EOS 5D Mark II, with Canon 24-105mm zoom - Fonte Nuova, 2014)This new video-interview has been entitled “Run away right now…” (for a direct access, click here). Concettina will tell us what happened to her when she was 10 or 11 years old and lived in Naples. The World War II was still going on and one day in December, while she was queuing at the Post Office in order to get a letter for her cousin, she clearly heard a voice that told her to immediately run away. So Concettina started running away and once she got around 50 meters far from there, she saw…  

Well, to know how the story of Concettina ends, don’t miss watching our video and don’t forget to post a comment. Moreover, let us know similar stories, in case you have any…

Enjoy it!

E.A. – V.G.

News – Website’s update: I will love you even beyond death

Here we are with a new publication!

We have decidedto release our new video-interview during Easter season because we want to tell you a beautiful love story. Well, what is it about? In the section “A bridge to the Afterlife”, you will find the new page “I will love even beyond death” (for direct access, click here).

"The two worlds" (by a Canon EOS 5D Mark II, with zoom Canon 24-105mm - Rome, 2014)You will be able to watch the first story of Mrs. Raffaella Raffaelli, who has taught religion for a short period of her life. Her recount will bring us back to about seven and a half years ago, only two months after the death of her husband Carlo. Raffaella will tell us what happened to her one morning, when her granddaughter, who was only three years old and was playing in her room, suddenly showed up, bringing her a note with a sentence in Latin, handwritten: “TE DILIGERE NON INTERMITTAM”(I will not cease to love you)…

Don’t miss this short video, which has the undoubted value of being able to carry you far beyond the words used… Death is not the end of everything, and love will always have the last word!…

Don’t forget to post a comment and let us know your similar stories, if you have any.

Enjoy it!

E.A. – V.G.


News – Website’s update: Chosen for you! (Abbeé De Robert)

Here we are at the first publication of “Chosen for you”!

As we anticipated to you some days ago, we will start from Near Death Experiences La Flora (detail of fresco from Villa Arianna, Italy, Stabia, I sec. d.C.)(NDE), recounting you the experience of a French priest, Abbeé De Robert, a spiritual son of Father Pio.

All happened during the Algerian war, between 1954 and 1962. What precisely happened?

Visit our page by clicking on: here

The video you are going to watch has been taken from a March-2009 episode of “Porta a Porta” (by B. Vespa). The program went on the air on RAI1 channel on the occasion of Father Pio’s Beatification. In order to provide a better support, we included English subtitles.

See you soon!

E.A. – V.G.


News – Website’s update: Chosen for you!

Surfing the mare magnum (vast sea) of the Internet, searching for information and updates on the same topics we are dealing with on our website, we came across an immense videographic heritage, with video-interviews often of little value and/or low quality but sometimes, on the contrary, we have been really surprised by their undoubted interest for both the contribution they provide and, although not always, their excellent technical features.

La Flora (fresco from  Villa Arianna, Stabia - I Century A.D.)Then, we wondered how to better provide all of you, who are more or less regular visitors of our web-pages, with a useful service in this framework too. As you well know, our effort is to bring to your attention first-hand stories and videographic productions, directly documented by us, and for the seriousness of such stories’ protagonists we feel we can personally guarantee. All this documentation could surely contribute to our project, so should we neglect it, abandoning all that is valuable on the Internet but has been documented by others? Well, what is our response?

“Chosen for you”! What is it? We decided to create, for each of our thematic sections, a specific sub-section, distinct from the rest and in which we can present the most significant video-interviews produced by others and by them already published on the Internet. Obviously, we will provide all the necessary references for these videos, including subtitles (either English or Italian subtitles) and comments of ours, which may help you better use such a material.

Where shall we begin? Well, we will start from Near Death Experiences (NDE)

Follow us carefully because we will soon publish our first videos of “Chosen for you”!

See you soon!

E.A. – V.G.


News – Website’s update: Website restyling!

We are pretty sure that our most frequent visitors have already noticed it, but for those who, perhaps for the summer ongoing, have not come to visit us in the last week, we decided to publish this article, just to inform them about our latest website restyling activities.

We started by updating the background image. Our choice fell on a picture with a beautiful blue sky, crossed here and there by some 'Sailers in the blue' (Canon EOS 5D + Canon 24-105mm zoom lens - year 2014)clouds. We shot such a photo in the Roman countryside, in April last year, by using a Canon 24-105 mm zoom  lens, mounted on a Canon EOS 5D.

Then, we moved on to the image of the header (which is the one that all of us notice more!). We thought that the basic idea of our website – that is, the veil between us and the‘Boundaries’ (Canon EOS 5D + Canon 24-105mm zoom lens – year 2013) “spiritual dimension” is sometimes ripped – could be well represented by the image of great black clouds that, while darkening the sky, let beams of light filter in some points, inviting people to imagine what hides behind there. Even this photo we shot by using a Canon EOS 5D camera, mounting a Canon 24-105 mm zoom lens (countryside around Rome, November 2013).

After all this, we moved on from aesthetic aspects to functional features.

We decided to include, in the upper right area of our pages, some buttons that may allow you to directly access our pages on the following social media:

In addition, we decided to create (last position in the Menu) the item “Support”, in which we included, just for now, only the two pages “Contact us” and “Sitemap”.

As for the Contact us page, it is a form with already defined fields, that allows anybContact usody to send us, pretty easily, comments, requests for clarification, questions, and everything in a confidential manner (we will reply to you asap).

As for the Sitemap page, it is a mapping of all the pages and articles that haveSitemap been published on the website (it will be regularly updated with the new publications). The most useful features are certainly the possibilities of having an overview of the website structure and of being able to access, in a simpler way, what someone is interested in, directly by clicking on its title.

In order to access these two pages more easily, we decided  to create, at the bottom of each page of our website, four direct links, two for the Italian version and two for that in English.

In addition, we have added to the right side section of our pages the following widgets:

  • “Be notified – Ricevi aggiornamenti”: anybody can subscribe to our automatic service of e-mail notification for any new article being published (by default we have included all the e-mail addresses of those who, until today, have created an account and/or have posted a comment; of course, if not interested, anyone can unsubscribe to such a service by clicking on the link at the bottom of each notification e-mail received)
  • “Online visitors – Visitatori online”: a rotating Earth globe shows, in real time, the Countries from which people are currently connected to the website
  • “Visitors by Country – Visitatori per Paese”: a world map shows the flags of those Countries from which people connected to the website over time
  • “Rewards – Riconoscimenti”: you can find a list of those rewards our website got in Italy

At last, we highlight that, in order to post a comment on our webpages, you will have first to subscribe to our website and your account will have to be authorized by us (for this reason, please fill all the fields of our subscription form).

We hope that all the changes we have made may help your navigation through our pages be even more compelling than before. Thus, we expect you to be more and more in number!

See you soon!

E.A. – V.G.


News – Website’s update

We released a new update within the section “Protagonists”!

Visit the page and you’ll be able to watch the first video-interview of self-introduction we made to one of the protagonists of our stories.

Watch the video right now and then post a comment!

Soon we’ll provide the video-interviews of the other protagonists.

Enjoy it!

E.A. – V.G.