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Experience of Sister Vittorina

Experience of Sister Vittorina

What happened to Sr. Vittorina, a Franciscan nun of Our Lady of Sorrows, is truly very particular, somehow unusual. Since its particularity, this experience was meditated on for a long time by Sr. Vittorina, so to be able to better understand all its peculiarities and to avoid, at the same time, the risk of make a sensational story out of it. Such an experience was told to my family in the months right after, but only two years later, on April 29, 2023, the meeting with my nephew Valerio took place and it was thus possible to video-document the experience.

Here-below, you will find the message sent by Sr. Vittorina to my nephew on the evening of the meeting and, by reading it, you will already be able to understand the profound meaning of what happened, which you will then be able to appreciate even better in the video interview.

Dearest Valerio, right now, I have noticed today’s date. I didn’t see that it’s April 29, the feast of St. Catherine of Siena. And the experience I’ve recounted took place today, this evening, and it began exactly at 9.50 pm, that is 40 minutes ago, exactly 2 years ago. All day I was unaware of it and when now, while I was praying, I noticed it, I had a jolt, as if someone had guided me to this moment without I could realize it, because this decision was so sudden and unplanned, neither day nor hour. Perhaps there was a will other than mine that acted and made everything coincide. Thanks again and a warm greeting to all. Sr. M. Vittorina.

I send you a big and warm hug.

Fr. Emidio Alessandrini ofm

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