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In the Church

In the Church

Interview with Fr. Fabio Pieroni (August 11, 2021)

This is the interview with Fr. Fabio Pieroni, parish priest of S. Bernardo di Chiaravalle in Rome, shot on August 11, 2021, in which the Roman priest tells us about his long and profound friendship with Fr. Emidio Alessandrini, offering us an interesting insight of the past 50 years.


Video with homilies and testimonies – 4 Eucharistic celebrations (May – September 2021)

This is a video with homilies and testimonies on Fr. Emidio, taken from 4 Eucharistic celebrations, which have taken place in Rome and in Fonte Nuova (near Rome) from May to September 2021. Some of the many peculiar aspects of his life and service in the Church will be highlighted, directly through the words of some brothers and sisters (Fr. Pietro Marini, Fr. Nicola Ciola, Fr. Claudio Durighetto, Costanza Miriano and Isabella Corteggiani) who have known him and have spent part of their lives with him.


Meeting in Loreto (December 4, 2021)

This is the meeting held in Loreto (Casa “Terra dei Fioretti”) on Saturday 4 December 2021 to remember Fr. Emidio Alessandrini and organized by both the Friars Minor of the Marches and the families of the Nazareth Project, together with Sister Armanda Parente.

First Part (moment of prayer that opened the meeting)

Second Part (after an introduction by Fr. Alessandro Angelisanti, speeches by Fr. Ferdinando Campana and Sister Armanda Parente)

Third Part (after an introduction by Fr. Alessandro Angelisanti, speeches by Fr. Lorenzo Turchi and Valerio Grimaldi)


Interview with Sr. Armanda Parente (December 4, 2021)

This is the interview with Sr. Armanda Parente, Franciscan Alcantarine, that has been recorded on the occasion of the meeting organized in Loreto – Casa “Terra dei Fioretti” – on December 4, 2021, in memory of Fr. Emidio Alessandrini. Sr. Armanda, who has been working in youth ministry (SOG) together with Fr. Emidio Alessandrini for about thirty years, will tell us about their long and deep friendship.


Video with a homily of Fr. Francesco Piloni (April 19, 2022)

This is a video of the Mass that Fr. Francesco Piloni, provincial minister of the Province of Umbria and Sardinia, celebrated in Rome (basilica of S. Antonio al Laterano) on April 19, 2022, one year after Fr. Emidio Alessandrini’s return to Heaven.


Video with a homily of Fr. Pietro Marini (April 20, 2022)

This is a video with the homily that on April 20, 2022, Fr. Pietro Marini gave during the Mass in the church of the convent of S. Mauro in Cagliari, on the first year of the return to Heaven of the beloved brother Fr. Emidio Alessandrini (since it is an audio recording only, the video has been enriched mainly with photographs taken from the life of Fr. Emidio Alessandrini).

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