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Under colors

Under colors

Every artistic production is usually much more than just the object which has been created. In fact, we can admire its features, compositional choices, lights and shadows, and eventually colors but it may happen to be fascinated, sometimes really enchanted, by something unexplainable within the work itself, perhaps a fragment of the soul of its author that is in tune with our spiritual sphere, and speaks to us.

Under colors (Canon 5D + Canon 24-105 mm zoom, December 2014 - painting by G. Alessandrini)In this context, paintings – especially portraits that have been done to remind us of someone that has passed awaycan inexplicably, under their colors, hide a seed of supernatural and become a bridge towards the Afterlife; indeed, they can become a perfect mean through which a deceased can, in special cases, communicate with us.

In this sub-section, we will report, therefore, some of these special cases, that have been narrated to us by people worthy of our utmost confidence.

E.A. – V.G.


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