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Inspector Bibula 2: An abyss under the asphalt

Inspector Bibula 2: An abyss under the asphalt




Sometimes, when you start reading a book, you can’t wait to finish it. On the contrary, many fell in love with Inspector Bibula and the metropolitan mystery and had to appreciate it in small morsels so that it would never end, as one would do with a steaming and well-cooked dish of bucatini all’amatriciana, eating one spaghetti at a time because it lasts more!

Many asked us to continue the novel and so we decided to re-propose the winning team of the first volume. Inspector Paolo Bibula is still at the police station in Via Castruccio Castracane (although the correct surname would be Castracani) in Rome, but has acquired a depth gained by meeting the ghosts of his past. Now he is no longer just the bungling inspector or the Sherlock with a logical but inappropriate aspect, endowed with preternatural abilities that, at the moment of need, manifest themselves to solve the most insidious situations. Now he is also the Bibula-Majorana, re-emerged from the rubble of time with all the firepower of his incomparable flair. Agent Umberto Pisciotta continues to collaborate with him, making a careful examination of the requests received at the office, and confirms himself as a trusted assistant, with ingenious good ideas, even if, at times, unorthodox. Meanwhile, the all-round search for the mysterious “two-people tomb” of Bellezza Orsini and his beloved continues, in order to rehabilitate the woman from the infamous triple charge of witchcraft, murder and suicide. The Etruscan demon Tuculca, perhaps a dark dimension of Bibula himself, appears several times in the pages of the new volume, creating deadly problems, but remaining, at the end, always scorned and deflated. Little Isabella is brilliant as always, very shrewd, with destabilizing and resolving intuitions, and with the black panther, her totem animal, ready to intervene as needed. Her mother, Dr. Marianna Moraci, a profound connoisseur of psychotropic plants and, in general, of techniques for achieving altered states of consciousness, will make many strange encounters with disturbing characters, but will help them get one step away from the Light. Father Riccardo and Father Atanasio, similar to Jedi knights, recall and distinguish themselves at the same time, in a game of similarities and contrasts. Vulcana will finally find a man worthy of her, Bogdan, survivor of an ancient Romanian progeny capable of traveling out of the body. Marta Lancellotti, director of a foundation twinned with Harvard, falls in love with Paolo and is reciprocated by him. Elements of deviated masonry are lurking, threatening, but many will unexpectedly turn to repentance. Little-known places in Lazio and Umbria, Siena and alternative surroundings will be the locations for new and incredible adventures. The villains will use increasingly technological and dangerous drones, in a crescendo of twists and with the intervention of suggestive characters.

There is no way to get bored and, according to the Grimaldi Brothers, this volume will be more successful than the previous one! It is a text that first will arouse the need for an avid reading, then the need to slow down to enjoy it to the end and, once completed, you will not really resist a second reading!


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