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We decided to create this new section to collect all the instruments that have the specific purpose of providing support.

Maybe you would think – and rightly so – that we refer to the help that we intend to offer you, through different services, to facilitate your use of our content, but this is not just what we mean… In fact, our idea is to also include, in this area, the support that you, in various ways, will be able to give our Project, which – we hope – will become more and more yours too!…

These are the tools you’ll find here:


Contact usYou will find a form with specific fields that you will be able to

use for easily sending us comments, requests for

clarification, questions, and everything in a

confidential way. We will respond

                                                            you as soon as possible.


Mappa del SitoYou will find a mapping of all the pages and articles on

the website. This will allow you to have a general

overview of the website and to be able to access, more

simply, what you are more interested in, by

clicking on the relevant title.

What has been mentioned above is not complete, because we aim at gradually enriching this section with additional services. Are you curious to know what you will find here next? Well, we are planning to include, shortly, a subsection “Guest Authoring“, an item “Staff“, another one for “FAQ” and also… For the other items you’ll have to be a little patient and you’ll find out for yourself!…

E.A. – V.G.

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