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News – Website’s update: “Communicating before the Internet”

You had to wait for a while but here we are with a new publication!

This time, we will present you an interesting video-interview of Father Emidio Alessandrini to Mrs. Maria Cristina Venanzoni: “Communicating before the Internet” (for a direct access to the new page, click HERE).

"Hope" (Panasonic, DMC-GH4 - Fonte Nuova, 12.13.2015)Maria Cristina will tell us about an “unusual dream” she had, where she met the mother of a dear friend, who had cancer. The lady in the dream was in good health and started telling her about all the concerns she had. But what did Maria Cristina come to know when she managed to phone her friend? You will find out by watching our video…

Enjoy it!

E.A. – V.G.

News – Website’s update: “With my slippers”

What are we going to publish on our “virtual window”?

We will present you an interesting video-interview, and we are pretty sure you will consider it intriguing: “With my slippers” (for a direct access to the new page, click HERE). The video-interview will deal with an “unusual” dream, and this will be the first of a series of stories told by Mrs. Carolina Fabiano.

With my slippersSome years ago, Carolina dreamed of her grandmother Maria, who had passed away some years before. Her grandma invited her to give a message to her father, her son, in order to convince him not to blaspheme anymore. Finally, her grandma said her time was over and had to go away. Before leaving, Maria told her something Carolina thought to be quite extravagant even for a dream.

What happened the following day when Carolina met with her father and told him that dream? Was his father convinced that Carolina had really met her grandma’s soul? You will find it out watching our video…

Enjoy it!

E.A. – V.G.

News – Website’s update: “Santa ‘Ddora Cacate and popular magic in Mentana”

First of all, we would like to apologize for the delay in publishing this our new contribution, but your patience will be appropriately rewarded!…

Well, what are we going to present this time?

We will provide you with a new video-interview and are pretty sure you will find all this very interesting: “Santa ‘Ddora Cacate and popular magic in Mentana” (for a direct access to the new page, click HERE). It will be not only the story of an unusual dream, but also a wide-range survey on popular magic, that is indeed found not so far from the places where we use to live. Furthermore, for this video-interview we have decided to use an editing technique that will offer you scenes with increasing rhythms, able to intrigue you even more than usual…

Mrs. Valentina RaffaelliThis will also be the first video-interview of Mrs. Valentina Raffaelli we will publish since she passed away (last November), after a quite short period of illness. After a long life (she was almost 93) and fruitful years (2 children, 3 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren), Valentina returned to that Heavenly Home she has always been looking at with great hope and perseverance till the end, especially during all the numerous challenges she had to go through in her life. We like to remember her just like she will show herself in this video-interview, that is strong and proud in her convictions, but – under an apparent rough behavior – also rich in longanimity towards others, family members or otherwise. Which memory, more than any other, will we have of her, something that indeed emerges from all her video-interviews – already published or not yet – regarding all those “anomalous events” she went through during her life? We would like to remember her for her immense curiosity for the unusual, miraculous, supernatural facts, of which she was never satisfied enough, and that has definitely contributed to our today interest for research in this borderline area, which, unfortunately, continues to be considered “terra incognita”. Now, dear Valentina, you can fully enjoy the overwhelming “spiritual dimension” that during your life, despite the undoubted abundance of unusual events that have happened to you, you could just have a glimpse of thanks to those cracks which, every now and then, open on the veil that separates our dimension of existence from that awaiting all of us.

Dear mom and grandma, thank you so much for all!…

E.A. – V.G.

Why this website…

We have an ambition!

We want to seriously intervene in the delicate area of “boundary issues” – universally one of the most intriguing investigation areas​​ – through the incredible force of direct videographic documentation. Ours will be mostly video interviews, conducted with a methodological rigor typical of those who put themselves in this difficult but fascinating journey, aiming at documenting stories “out of the ordinary”, directly from the voices of the ones involved. These people, who personally passed through these “special events”, are ready to get in the game by sharing their stories with a typical narrative sobriety, without fearing the possible scathing criticism of those who listen to them.

We will carry out a real investigation, searching for traces of a “spiritual dimension” that, even if shrouded in mystery, sometimes rips the veil and causes empirical effects, such as “anomalous” cognitive phenomena and extraordinary physical events, which are usually found in the lives of great mystics but – as we’ll find out together – can also be part of the lives of ordinary people.

We repeat: we have an ambition!

We would like to contribute, thanks to our documentary collection, to the slow but continuous progress on the road that we have already embarked, which leads to the cultural and scientific recognition of what is still today, unfortunately, considered to be “terra incognita” (unknown field).

From this ambitious project comes our choice to use as a motto the Latin sentence “Deus intelligit et non credit”, taken from the famous theologian, mystic and missionary Raimondo Lullo (Palma de Mallorca , 1233-1316 ).

By the way, the videos which we produced and available on this website were all shot in Italy and Jordan, using advanced technologies with the aim of having both high quality movies and interesting content stories. Just for providing a few examples, we used, as for our Full HD videos, a Canon EOS 5D Mark II (Full Frame sensor), but also a Canon EOS 650D (APS-C sensor), as for lenses we used an EF 24-105mm and EFS 17-55mm Canon zoom but also Zeiss and Leitz photographic lenses, and finally, for audio capturing, we relied on the professional quality of Tascam DR-100 Mk II. However, all technical details will be indicated beside each interview.

Now we can start our journey!…

E.A. – V.G.