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Inspector Bibula 3: Among the mists of time

Inspector Bibula 3: Among the mists of time




As in all worth-of-respect sagas, we also had to write the third novel. Will this be more exciting, perhaps more misterious and – why not! – even more profound for the characters’ existential dynamics than the first two novels? We prefer to refrain from any evaluation on this subject and let you find out if it was worth it to wait a year from the previous novel’s publication. However, we can certainly anticipate something…

The group of friends – which many of you have begun to love, even sharing, at times, their doubts and choices – will be re-proposed as a “winning team” in this new novel as well. Our protagonists – and also for you together with them! – won’t be able to take a breath since the countless adventures which they will take part to. They will be often rescued, during the most critical moments, by the already-well-known totem animals but also by new ones. Our protagonists will have to defend innocent people and even themselves from the cross attacks of Chinese secret services, Russian mafia, South American narcos, new age witchcraft, American ‘Ndrangheta, extremist Islam, deviated freemasonry and groups of the Church itself. To further enrich the storytelling, which is already very rich, will then contribute the discovery of a typescript that will bring the readers into Prague at the end of the 16th century and into Rome and its surroundings of the 1970s. New friends will show up – the innkeeper Vittoria of Civitavecchia, the baron Alvise De Gasperis of Rome, the very special family of Parsifal from the Tivoli area – but old and new opponents will also reveal themselves – Count Ciro Borghese in Filacciano, Mr. Mincozzi in Palestrina, Professor Medea in Athens – and all of them, in their own way, will have an important role in the unfolding of the storytelling.

Finally, there will be a real breakthrough in the search for Bellezza Orsini’s two-place tomb and its complete rehabilitation – and this is the real leitmotif of our trilogy! -, but in an original way that will certainly surprise you. Numerous more or less well-known locations – but all of them with an undoubted charm – will be the setting for the events that we will tell you, starting from Lazio and arriving as far as Sicily, but also touching the Czech Republic and crossing Greece. What can we add more? We wish you a nice and fruitful reading!


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