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The harvest

The harvest

God’s creative mercy has always deeply moved and questioned me.

Yet, on many occasions, I have seen it on the faces of those sons and daughters whom the Lord entrusted to me over time, mysteriously putting me on their path. I have always given priority over everything – resting, studying, relaxing – to listen and give a word of hope on behalf of God to all those whom, in situations of spiritual death, the Lord handed me over as a jealous treasure. And who was I to refuse to put all my efforts to fish out drowning people? I remember that once, on September 3, 2009, I wrote an email to my nephew Valerio, with whom I was working on a project of common interest: «I apologize for all the changes of mind I had and all the time I made you waste but, since I am a souls pastor, efficiency always has the last place with regards to charity and encouraging people, and with four children and a wife I am sure you understand me… A hug and I go back to confessing, your zius (uncle) more than ever».

Before my eyes, in all those occasions when people humbly followed the word of God provided through my poor words, over time the Risen One has lifted the lost hearts from the most desperate situations and His light has been able to shine again on the faces of His sons and daughters.

But now I leave the floor to you, my sons and daughters, so that you can directly give witness to the wonderful work of God!

Fr. Emidio Alessandrini ofm

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