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Thresholds - Le Soglie
Narrative and cinematography

Narrative and cinematography

The idea of ​​giving life to our narrative and cinematographic production was born, in fact, in the framework of our wider Project aiming at seriously intervening in the delicate context of “border issues”, and all this through three main channels:

  • this blog “Le Soglie – Thresholds”, where you can find numerous original articles, in addition to our self-produced video-interviews, and both edited with profound methodological rigor;
  • our docu-series “The inspector Bibula” (the pilot episode is underway but a trailer and some teasers are already online), which integrates the interviews on the field with fictional scenes;
  • our fantasy-noir narrative production, of which the novel “L’ispettore Bibula e l’arcano metropolitano” (Inspector Bibula and the metropolitan arcane) represents, to be precise, the first example.

Beyond the media used by us, we tirelessly continue to work in order to carry on our research for traces of a “spiritual dimension” which, although shrouded in mystery, sometimes breaks the veil and causes empirical effects, such as, for example, “anomalous” cognitive phenomena and extraordinary physical manifestations, usually found in the lives of great mystics but that – this is our field experience – can also be part of ordinary people’s lives.

E.A. – V.G.

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