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A four step investigation

A four step investigation

We will investigate for clues of a “spiritual dimension”, which may help to shed a new light on the fundamental, however controversial, matter of the existence of the soul and, subsequently, of its survival after the physical death. It will consist, in other words, in finding further evidence on the so-called “hidden observer” which, regardless of our brain functionalities, lives within us and represents what we call “the consciousness”.

The best way to carry out a research of such importance is to proceed by following these four steps:

1)  Survey to determine the mere existence of the phenomenon.

In a world of hypertrophic and sometimes deformed information, news circulates mixed with interpretations. In the past, thanks to the limited number of sources, it was relatively easy to go back to the correctness of the information and the reliability of witnesses, but nowadays everything is much more complicated. Urban legends and low quality television programs are an example of indescribable confusion, to which it is advisable to put a limit to prevent the irreversible degradation of the “sacrum” field.

2)  Investigation on the possibility of fraud, which has always accompanied what appears to be a prodigy.

Magicians in the modern era have fairly amazed man from every social and cultural level and have been of enormous help to expose some of their corrupt colleagues, who wanted to pass off as miraculous what in reality was the result of deception and illusionism. Their expertise is mainly needed in cases where there are particularly sensational phenomena.

3)  Surveys by using tools of science, which has reached many goals to explain a multitude of facts considered to be, in a not too distant past, miraculous.

There are often elementary explanations that are simply ignored by both the common man and scientists, whose expertise is not relevant to the specific case under investigation.

4)  Identification of “genuine” phenomena, which lead to transcendence.

There are a number of phenomena, reasonably immune to any possible fraud, which seem to enter a new level of reality so “different” from the normal one that pushes us to consider transcendence as a possibility.

As far as the latter category is concerned – that is the category of phenomena supposedly authentic because of their structural differences in comparison with ordinary events -, we would like to specify that one may sometimes find elements, apparently secondary, which are instead keystones. For instance, there is the case of a deceased person who appeared in a dream to a girl from the same village but not from his family and told her: “Because my feet are tied together, I cannot walk …” The girl reported this dream to the children of the deceased man and they exclaimed: “It’s true! His legs were apart, we tied them up but we did not untie them anymore…”

Here the investigation begins!

E.A. – V.G.

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