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News – Website’s update: Website restyling!
News – Website’s update: Website restyling!

News – Website’s update: Website restyling!

We are pretty sure that our most frequent visitors have already noticed it, but for those who, perhaps for the summer ongoing, have not come to visit us in the last week, we decided to publish this article, just to inform them about our latest website restyling activities.

We started by updating the background image. Our choice fell on a picture with a beautiful blue sky, crossed here and there by some 'Sailers in the blue' (Canon EOS 5D + Canon 24-105mm zoom lens - year 2014)clouds. We shot such a photo in the Roman countryside, in April last year, by using a Canon 24-105 mm zoom  lens, mounted on a Canon EOS 5D.

Then, we moved on to the image of the header (which is the one that all of us notice more!). We thought that the basic idea of our website – that is, the veil between us and the‘Boundaries’ (Canon EOS 5D + Canon 24-105mm zoom lens – year 2013) “spiritual dimension” is sometimes ripped – could be well represented by the image of great black clouds that, while darkening the sky, let beams of light filter in some points, inviting people to imagine what hides behind there. Even this photo we shot by using a Canon EOS 5D camera, mounting a Canon 24-105 mm zoom lens (countryside around Rome, November 2013).

After all this, we moved on from aesthetic aspects to functional features.

We decided to include, in the upper right area of our pages, some buttons that may allow you to directly access our pages on the following social media:

In addition, we decided to create (last position in the Menu) the item “Support”, in which we included, just for now, only the two pages “Contact us” and “Sitemap”.

As for the Contact us page, it is a form with already defined fields, that allows anybContact usody to send us, pretty easily, comments, requests for clarification, questions, and everything in a confidential manner (we will reply to you asap).

As for the Sitemap page, it is a mapping of all the pages and articles that haveSitemap been published on the website (it will be regularly updated with the new publications). The most useful features are certainly the possibilities of having an overview of the website structure and of being able to access, in a simpler way, what someone is interested in, directly by clicking on its title.

In order to access these two pages more easily, we decided  to create, at the bottom of each page of our website, four direct links, two for the Italian version and two for that in English.

In addition, we have added to the right side section of our pages the following widgets:

  • “Be notified – Ricevi aggiornamenti”: anybody can subscribe to our automatic service of e-mail notification for any new article being published (by default we have included all the e-mail addresses of those who, until today, have created an account and/or have posted a comment; of course, if not interested, anyone can unsubscribe to such a service by clicking on the link at the bottom of each notification e-mail received)
  • “Online visitors – Visitatori online”: a rotating Earth globe shows, in real time, the Countries from which people are currently connected to the website
  • “Visitors by Country – Visitatori per Paese”: a world map shows the flags of those Countries from which people connected to the website over time
  • “Rewards – Riconoscimenti”: you can find a list of those rewards our website got in Italy

At last, we highlight that, in order to post a comment on our webpages, you will have first to subscribe to our website and your account will have to be authorized by us (for this reason, please fill all the fields of our subscription form).

We hope that all the changes we have made may help your navigation through our pages be even more compelling than before. Thus, we expect you to be more and more in number!

See you soon!

E.A. – V.G.


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