News – Website’s update: The new section “Narrative and cinematography”

We have created the new “Narrative and Cinematography” section – for a direct access, click here -, dedicated to our novel and film production, which also focuses on the delicate topic of ​​”border issues”. Therefore, in the new section and sub-sections one will find:

  • our fantasy-noir narrative production: the novel “Inspector Bibula and the metropolitan mystery” is our first publication;
  • our docuseries “Inspector Bibula”: this series integrates interviews on the field with fictional scenes and the pilot episode is ongoing (a trailer and some teasers are already online).

Do not miss the interesting stuff collected so far – and what we will continue to add – in this new section. Therefore, our offer further widens and we hope that you will continue to follow us along this journey, aiming at discovering traces of a “spiritual dimension” which, although shrouded in mystery, occasionally pierces the veil and shows itself in various empirical phenomena.

E.A. – V.G.

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