News – Website’s update: A new video with homilies and testimonies on Fr. Emidio is online on the page “Testimonies – After the death” within the blog’s new section dedicated to Fr. Emidio Alessandrini!


We keep on working on our blog’s new section dedicated to Fr. Emidio Alessandrini, who is the inspirer and co-author of what you can find on these web pages. He has returned to the Father’s house on April 19, 2021.

Well, in order to remember him with a heart full of gratitude to the Lord for his mission and his life, which certainly continues in Heaven although in a different way, on the twelfth anniversary of his return to Heaven we publish a new video with the homilies and the testimonies on Fr. Emidio, taken from 4 Eucharistic celebrations from May to September 2021, held in Rome and in Fonte Nuova, near Rome. You will find outlined some of the many peculiar aspects of his life and his service in the Church, told directly by the words of some brothers and sisters who have met himand have spent part of their lives with him.

For a direct access to the new page, please click here.

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