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News – Website update: Now you have a way to support us!
News – Website update: Now you have a way to support us!

News – Website update: Now you have a way to support us!

You have certainly noticed that we have updated, over the past few months, the advertising campaigns on the pages of our website. It has been an intense activity – really challenging –, however we decided to carry it out following the reports we have directly received from Google (probably, some months ago, you have seen some of these notifications that were generated by browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox, when trying to access our website). In fact, we have found that some advertising spaces, which we made available on our website, have been used in a “non-completely transparent” way. Transparency has always been – and always it will be! – one of our main objectives, ever since we decided to start our journey on the web for researching and documenting all those phenomena that are usually classified as “unusual”. This is why we considered to be necessary to take immediate action and restore a condition of absolute safety for all our visitors (however, we would like to confirm you that there have been neither risks of phishing nor malware).

Well, after we have removed all those commercials potentially ambiguous, we decided to limit our spaces – these are placed only at the beginning and at the end of our articles, so as not to bother your reading – to two primary campaigns, which could not hide low-transparency behaviors. These are the two online sales giants Amazon and Ebay! We are sure that you will like our choice, welcoming the fact that we focused on two traders with both renowned convenience and complete reliability.

Wall of MemoryWe take this opportunity to remind you to use ad windows on the pages of our website. If you like, this will be your personal way to support our disclosure work on the internet, and you won’t have to pay anything for it. How is this possible? The explanation is very simple. If you are already customers of Amazon and/or eBay, or if you are interested in becoming one, you will have just to click on one of the relevant advertising windows on any of our pages. By doing so, you will be directly led to the official websites of the two operators. Then, if you decide to purchase something or – in the case of eBay – you win an auction, since our affiliate code has been detected, we will be given a commission for your purchase. We would like to highlight that all this won’t absolutely have any impact on the final price you will be asked to pay. In fact, you will be able to take full advantage for all the incredible prices and offers the two online retailers will provide, as our commission will be retained from the price you would have anyway paid to Amazon and Ebay for your purchases. What is your opinion about all this? Don’t you think it could be an interesting way to support our disclosure efforts on the internet, becoming yourselves, in a certain way, “co-authors” of our articles and video productions? Since now we do thank you for the support you will give us, and have decided to confirm you our appreciation in a concrete way. We are sure you will like it! Every time you have purchased something on Amazon or eBay through our advertising windows, please notify it to us by using our pre-set form, you can find at the following address: After you have logged in, you will have just to fill in the four fields there, making sure to indicate, in the Subject field, “Purchase on Amazon” or “Purchase on Ebay”; then, don’t  forget to specify, in the Message field, both the amount and the date of your purchase, together with a short sentence that may introduce you (for those who want, you can also attach a picture in one of the specified formats). As soon as we have received your first notifications, on our website we will create the specific page “The Wall of Memory”, on which we are going to indicate – updating it regularly – the names of our supporters, together with the sentences you have indicated in the form to introduce yourselves and – in case – your pictures (names will be listed by amount of contributions). When your name is published on our website, we will take care to send you an email to notify it to you. What do you think? Do you like our idea? So, we are looking forward to receiving numerous mails!…

Thanks again for all that you will do!

E.A. – V.G.


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