Deus intelligit et non credit
Audio-video interviews: reasons for this specific mode of communication
Audio-video interviews: reasons for this specific mode of communication

Audio-video interviews: reasons for this specific mode of communication

For all kind of communications there is a very high risk of lies and deceptions, more or less in good faith. Such a risk is possible especially in a field like that of a spiritual Ego with its own autonomy from the body.

All neurosciences eliminated any mind-body dualism and put monism as an absolute starting point.

Even contemporary theology stopped from using the word “Soul”, residue of a Platonic dualism now definitely abandoned.

Yet “facts are stubborn” and a story narrated with simplicity sometimes strikes more than a thousand documented “scientific evidences”.
On the other hand, history of science is full of epistemological revolutions, distraught paradigms and shredded protocols.

We are far from following the endless procession of irrationalists and opponents to science. Indeed, we want to be a sort of <anarchists>, <heretics>.
We love the sentence by Bertrand Russell which says: “The innocent did not know that it was impossible, so they did it”!

E.A. – V.G.




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