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News – Website’s update

We have just published a new page:“Means to an end”! You can find it at the following website path: “Windows unto the future” > “Revealing deceased”.

Go to visit the page and you’ll be able to follow the first story of Dr. Zeina Sahyoun Salti.

Enjoy her interview and, while she is telling the “strange” dream she had, remember her self-introduction video we released around a week ago. In that video Zeina told us, among other things, about her scientific education.

Post a comment and let us know what you think about it.

Enjoy this video!

E.A. – V.G.


News – Website’s update

As mentioned in our previous article, here we are with a new update!

This time, however, it is not just about the publication of a new video-interview, but it also refers to the update of an entire section of the website’s Menu. But let us proceed in an orderly fashion!…

Menu’s update

We have made ​​changes to the Menu section “Precognition dreams” (Menu’s fourth item from the left). First of all, we renamed it as “Windows unto the Future” (previous contents have been maintained). Then, we added other two new sub-sections.

New video-interview

Following the path “Windows unto the Future” > “‘Revealing’ deceased” > “I’ll give you a great gift”, you will find the new interview with Mrs. Valentina Raffaelli. Visit the page and you’ll be able to watch this new and interesting story of our protagonist. It all started with a “strange” dream, in which a friend of hers, who died shortly before, came back to bring her a message…

Go now to visit our new pages with their contents, and enjoy the video of Mrs. Valentina. Then, if you like, post your comments!

See you soon!

E.A. – V.G.