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News – Website’s update

We have just published the new page “Awakening of hidden faculties” at the following path: “Back from the Afterlife” > “A wonderful garden.”

Well, yes! This is just the first Near-Death Experience (aka EPM) we have documented and released on this site! Do not waste time and go to watch the interesting video-interview we made to Mrs. Gabriella Magrini, from Rome.

'English cemetery in Rome' (Canon EOS 5D + Canon 24-105 mm zoom - January 2014)The experience, she went through several years ago, will leave you puzzled! Someone will certainly conclude: “Well, this is interesting but… it’s, anyway, only her word!… There is no evidence of her journey into the Afterlife!…” Everyone is free, of course, to think as he/she prefers. However, our suggestion is not to exclude the possibility of considering instead, even if only for a moment, that all this – as well as for numerous other stories of the same kind, which have been widely documented around the world – might have really happened… What would the main clue be? In addition to the “anomalous” abilities Mrs. Gabriella had from that moment on, perhaps it would be the fact that the memory of that event, after more than 40 years, is still so real – as if only yesterday it had occurred -, so vivid to be able to move our protagonist, just as only great events of our lives can do…

What else?… Enjoy our new video-interview and post, at the end, your comments, so that we may know what you think.

Enjoy it!

E.A. – V.G.


News – Website’s update

We have just published a new page: “A serious warning”! You can find it under the menu item “Boundaries”, at the second place.

Don’t lose time and go to visit the page! Doing so, you’ll be able to follow a new interesting story of Dr. Zeina Sahyoun Salti. Again, it will be about an “anomalous” dream Zeina had when she was at the university in England. That dream affected Zeina ever since.

What else can we add?… Enjoy this new video-interview and, at the end, leave a comment for letting us know what you think about it.

Enjoy the video!

E.A. – V.G.


News – Website’s update

We have just published a new page:“Means to an end”! You can find it at the following website path: “Windows unto the future” > “Revealing deceased”.

Go to visit the page and you’ll be able to follow the first story of Dr. Zeina Sahyoun Salti.

Enjoy her interview and, while she is telling the “strange” dream she had, remember her self-introduction video we released around a week ago. In that video Zeina told us, among other things, about her scientific education.

Post a comment and let us know what you think about it.

Enjoy this video!

E.A. – V.G.


News – Website’s update

Here we are with a new update!

This time it is not only the publication of a new video-interview, but also the creation of a whole new section of the Menu.

Menu’s update

We have added the new section “Boundaries” (sixth item from the left) and, within it, the sub-section “Descendants of Anubis”. Why have we decided to do it? We don’t want to anticipate anything to you… Go to read the new contents and find out for yourselves!…

New video-interview

Following the path “Boundaries” > “Descendants of Anubis”, there is the first video-interview with Mr. Mario Ritaldi. Enter this page and you will be able to follow this first interesting story of our new protagonist. It all happened during a visit to the “Pincetto”, the old part of the Verano cemetery in Rome. A dangerous encounter with three dogs, which could have been concluded in a bad way, turned out to be an opportunity for something that… What are you waiting for?… Go to watch his video-interview and you will hear directly from his voice what happened to him…

So, don’t miss the opportunity to immediately visit our new pages with their content, and enjoy the video of Mr. Mario. Then, as usual if you like, post your comments!…

See you soon.

E.A. – V.G.


News – Website’s update

As mentioned in our previous article, here we are with a new update!

This time, however, it is not just about the publication of a new video-interview, but it also refers to the update of an entire section of the website’s Menu. But let us proceed in an orderly fashion!…

Menu’s update

We have made ​​changes to the Menu section “Precognition dreams” (Menu’s fourth item from the left). First of all, we renamed it as “Windows unto the Future” (previous contents have been maintained). Then, we added other two new sub-sections.

New video-interview

Following the path “Windows unto the Future” > “‘Revealing’ deceased” > “I’ll give you a great gift”, you will find the new interview with Mrs. Valentina Raffaelli. Visit the page and you’ll be able to watch this new and interesting story of our protagonist. It all started with a “strange” dream, in which a friend of hers, who died shortly before, came back to bring her a message…

Go now to visit our new pages with their contents, and enjoy the video of Mrs. Valentina. Then, if you like, post your comments!

See you soon!

E.A. – V.G.


Frontiers of Death (Limina Mortis): reasons for this definition

In front of mystery, there are two extreme positions:

  • trying to explain it, providing a translation of what, by nature, is “Beyond” and “Other” into an understandable language, but with the risk of falling into banality or ridicule;
  • otherwise, remaining silent for the sake of seriousness and dignity.

Our position remains at the threshold, without any trespassing and without shame.

Far be it from us to use anecdotes for defining the mystery of mysteries: death.

On the other hand, we don’t think that collecting and showing what has been glimpsed through some “cracks” may be an inappropriate or unnecessary action.

The <elsewhere> has always stimulated both research and adventure, even more when what is related to eternity is at stake!

E.A. – V.G.


News – Website’s update

We just released a new update within the section “Para-exorcisms”!

Visit the page “Hitch-hiking” and you’ll be able to watch the new video-interview we made to Father Emidio Alessandrini. He will narrate the particular encounter he had at the beginning of the ‘80s when, at night, he was hitch-hiking.

Enjoy the interview and do not forget to post your comment!

Awaiting our next update, enjoy this video!

E.A. – V.G.


Our first conclusions

After a month since this web site was released on the Internet and following so many comments you sent us (posted directly here and on our Facebook page www.facebook.it/liminamortis, but also sent to us by other means), we would like to share with you some considerations.

Thanks to all of you, this web site has been seen by so many people (you can verify it by seeing the access counter at the bottom of each page). This is a confirmation that you are really interested in our Project or, at least, curious about it.

As far as your comments are concerned, what you appreciated most was our choice to talk about a really ‘sensitive’ matter in a different way, always remaining on the ‘Threshold’ and without pretending to cross it. In other words, without any desire of sensationalism, we started to provide stories “out of the ordinary” of common people but also professionals, whose narrative simplicity fascinates whoever is watching. Moreover, they are original videographic documentaries, recorded by us and never been published before.

So, we do hope that all of you (and even more!) continue to visit our web site. What’s our next hope? At the end of each visit to these pages, that you may ask the following question: “What will be published next?…”

Our answer can’t be other than “Follow us on a regular basis and you won’t be disappointed!

E.A. – V.G.


News – Website’s update

We just released a new update within the section “Precognition dreams”!

Visit the page “I can’t believe it!” and you’ll be able to watch the video-interview we made to Mrs. Valentina Raffaelli. She will narrate the first of a long series of experiences “out of the ordinary” which she went through during her youth.

Watch the video and then post your comment!

Awaiting our next update, enjoy this video-interview!

E.A. – V.G.


Why this website…

We have an ambition!

We want to seriously intervene in the delicate area of “boundary issues” – universally one of the most intriguing investigation areas​​ – through the incredible force of direct videographic documentation. Ours will be mostly video interviews, conducted with a methodological rigor typical of those who put themselves in this difficult but fascinating journey, aiming at documenting stories “out of the ordinary”, directly from the voices of the ones involved. These people, who personally passed through these “special events”, are ready to get in the game by sharing their stories with a typical narrative sobriety, without fearing the possible scathing criticism of those who listen to them.

We will carry out a real investigation, searching for traces of a “spiritual dimension” that, even if shrouded in mystery, sometimes rips the veil and causes empirical effects, such as “anomalous” cognitive phenomena and extraordinary physical events, which are usually found in the lives of great mystics but – as we’ll find out together – can also be part of the lives of ordinary people.

We repeat: we have an ambition!

We would like to contribute, thanks to our documentary collection, to the slow but continuous progress on the road that we have already embarked, which leads to the cultural and scientific recognition of what is still today, unfortunately, considered to be “terra incognita” (unknown field).

From this ambitious project comes our choice to use as a motto the Latin sentence “Deus intelligit et non credit”, taken from the famous theologian, mystic and missionary Raimondo Lullo (Palma de Mallorca , 1233-1316 ).

By the way, the videos which we produced and available on this website were all shot in Italy and Jordan, using advanced technologies with the aim of having both high quality movies and interesting content stories. Just for providing a few examples, we used, as for our Full HD videos, a Canon EOS 5D Mark II (Full Frame sensor), but also a Canon EOS 650D (APS-C sensor), as for lenses we used an EF 24-105mm and EFS 17-55mm Canon zoom but also Zeiss and Leitz photographic lenses, and finally, for audio capturing, we relied on the professional quality of Tascam DR-100 Mk II. However, all technical details will be indicated beside each interview.

Now we can start our journey!…

E.A. – V.G.